Out Of Town Patients

Out Of Town Patients

It’s Worth the Trip

For many patients, traveling to Southern California for dental implant surgery performed by Dr. Robert G. Hale is well worth the additional effort. Patients travel from across the United States and beyond to obtain his unparalleled level of expertise.

We understand that traveling for a dental procedure requires extra time and expense. Our team is happy to work with you to find affordable, comfortable accommodations and to make the travel and surgical process as simple and stress-free as possible.


Bob Hope Airport – Burbank
Los Angeles International Airport

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Featured Accommodations

Hilton Woodland Hills

The Villages

Warner Center Marriott

The Anza Hotels Calabasas

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Caring For You

Post-op care for out-of-town patients will depend on the extent of the surgery required. In general, we encourage patients to stay in town while the initial healing process begins. Once home, Dr. Hale will continue to follow your recovery via phone, email and FaceTime.